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  • Expeditionary is Our Middle Name

    Expedition: "Sent on military service abroad..." -Webster's Collegiate Dictionary I know you are saying, "...Great, more talk about the Airman's Manual" Ten years ago, "words" like Manas and Bagram were not part of our daily conversations. But, being expeditionary is an important part of our heritage. Ever since 1916 when Major General Benjamin D.
  • Chief returns to Tinker after serving in CJTF- Horn of Africa

    Chief Master Sgt. John R. Harris Jr., command senior enlisted leader for Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa, returned to Oklahoma City Wednesday after spending 13 months in Djibouti. As the principal enlisted advisor to the commander, Chief Harris worked to integrate, utilize and sustain more than 2,000 U.S. and coalition forces serving in
  • Tinker Airmen remember POW/MIAs through exercise, sweat

    The jodi calls float through the cool morning air as a long, thin line of Airmen in black T-shirts jog in formation around Tinker as the sun slowly rises in the east. Running two-by-two, Airmen from units across Tinker used sweat and exercise to honor those who were held as prisoners of war and/or missing in action during Tinker's second annual
  • 552nd ACW commander receives first star

    Brig. Gen. Lori J. Robinson, commander of the 552nd Air Control Wing was frocked to the rank of brigadier general in a brevet ceremony on Sept. 21 in Bldg. 230, Dock 2, only four months after becoming the first woman to ever command the wing. In a brevet, or frocking ceremony, an officer receives a higher rank, which matches their current duty
  • Changes coming for 'chem refresher' training

    When many Airmen hear the phrase "you're scheduled for chem training," they know it's time to pull their gas mask out of their car trunk, closet or supply section and get ready for a long day of lecture, sweat and flying charcoal. It meant at least five to six hours in a classroom watching PowerPoint slides, with the occasional "GAS, GAS, GAS!"
  • Manta Airmen continue their counterdrug war

    American forces flying from here to hunt down drug runners could soon have to pack up their whole operation and move elsewhere. That is because Ecuadorian President Raphael Correa wants American forces out of the Andean country. He vows not to renew a 1999 agreement with the United States that allows American forces to operate from the Ecuadorian
  • ATSO Rodeo rounds up 552nd ACW, 72nd ABW

    Real-world taskings this year have taken the place of Operational Readiness Exercise "fun and games" as the 552nd Air Control Wing deployed its Airmen to support Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Two exercises have been cancelled since the deployments began, so this time the 552nd ACW Inspector General office decided to take a new approach
  • E-3 Sentry celebrates 30 years in Air Force's Fleet

    The first E-3 Sentry touched down on Oklahoma soil. The arrival of aircraft tail number 75-0557 began a new era for the 552nd Airborne Warning and Control Wing, and for air surveillance. To celebrate this occasion, the wing conducted an arrival ceremony the next day and invited the base and local community leaders to help welcome the new aircraft.
  • 552nd makes history repeat itself with return to OEF, OIF

    Airmen in the 552nd Air Control Wing received orders to deploy for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom after a four-year hiatus. "This is a long awaited return of the E-3 to the AOR (area of responsibility)," said Brig. Gen. James M. Kowalski, 552nd ACW commander. "No weapons system has spent more time in the area, and we have to make