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  • From flip phone to smart phone: AWACS gets an upgrade

    The first fully qualified crew under the new crew design for the E-3 G Airborne Warning and Control System reached their deployment location in September 2020.The new crew design, introduced in 2016, was inspired by the Block 40/45 Modernization Program update to the E-3 AWACS weapons system. As the Block 40/45 configuration enhances
  • Exercise SENTRY REX: More robust than ever

    Joint-service exercise, SENTRY REX 20-3, was back for its third iteration August 23-28, and was more robust than ever.The exercise, hosted by the 552nd Air Control Wing, specialized on Combat Search and Rescue mission integration.Units and assets involved in the exercise included E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft from Tinker
  • Final reenlistment for Command Chief celebrates heritage

    Airmen and family gathered in Dock Two on Sept. 1 to witness the final reenlistment for the highest ranking enlisted member in the 552nd Air Control Wing, Command Chief Master Sgt. Raymond “Kenny” Mott.Mott, who continually emphasizes the importance of heritage and pride, ensured these values were reflected in the ceremony by having the newest
  • Raising the bar: Software innovation, ACNS brings the Future Faster

    After six months of planning and development, the 552nd Air Control Networks Squadron drastically improved their mission capabilities for the Airborne Warning and Control System fleet by creating a new system solution that can be transported by a six-pound laptop.“This initiative and its recent success at Combat Sentry encapsulates the brilliance
  • 552 participates in suicide prevention month

    While the Department of Defense recognizes September as the National Suicide Prevention Month, the 552nd Air Control Wing plans to take several initiatives of their own to highlight the topic’s importance within the wing.“Suicide, depression, and anxiety hits close to home for Airmen in the 552nd ACW, the Air Force, and members of the military in
  • AWACS receives two new tail flash designs

    Tinker’s unit pride shines brighter than ever -The 552nd Air Control Wing recently released two new tail flashes for the Airborne Warning and Control System.The tail flash on Aircraft 0009 honors the Blue Knights of the 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron. It consists of a black and white checkerboard and a yellow border. Aircraft 0578’s new tail
  • Overcoming distance: 552nd units tackle Exercise AGILE THUNDER 1,300 miles apart

    EXERCISE Agile Thunder 20-03 at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, concluded Aug. 14 after more than two weeks of focused training for over 500 active duty Airmen in the 552nd Air Control Wing and multiple personnel in both the 72nd Air Base Wing and the 366th Fighter Wing at Mt. Home AFB, Idaho.The 552nd Air Control Wing is a unique wing that
  • Boy Scout builds pavilion over Yukla 27 crash site

    Thanks to a local Boy Scout, a pavilion now shelters the memory box and cross at the Yukla 27 crash site on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
  • Records Are Meant to Be Broken: AWACS Crews Fly Record Sorties

    On Aug. 3, 2020, the 968th Expeditionary Airborne Air Control Squadron flew their 34th consecutive combat mission, breaking their previous record for sequential flights.

    The 552nd Air Control Wing and 72nd Air Base Wing collaborated for EXERCISE Agile Thunder 20-03 at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, Aug. 4-7.The exercise evaluates personnel on their ability to prepare and rapidly deploy combat capable forces, generate and deliver combat aircraft to combatant commanders and conduct combat operations in a contested