552 acw MISSION/vision

Mission -First and foremost, the 552nd Air Control Wing is a combat wing, ready to defend the homeland tonight and prepared to rapidly deploy forward to fight and win our nation’s wars abroad.

Equally important, we are a one of a kind training wing with a no-fail mission of producing E-3 combat crews and unique functional training for our Air Force.

Vision -  Dedicated and continuously innovating warriors who train hard, rapidly deploy forward, and win at home and abroad!


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Public Affairs

Tinker AFB Public Affairs 
4421 Air Depot Blvd.
Bldg. 7005
Tinker AFB, Okla 73145 
(405) 739-2026

552 acw priorities

Priority 1: Revitalizing Squadron Readiness.

Goal 1: Ready Airmen.

Goal 2: Ready Families.

Goal 3: Ready Weapons Systems.


Priority 2: Developing Leaders.

Goal 1: Education, Training, and Experience.

Goal 2: Delegate Authority.

Goal 3: Empower Leaders.


Priority 3: Bringing the Future Faster.

Goal 1: Accept Risk.

Goal 2: Streamline and Combine the Processes We Control.

Goal 3: Realize Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2).  

Goal 4: Integrate Joint and Coalition Capabilities.