Colonel Smith achieved high standards for 552nd MXG

  • Published
  • By Mike W. Ray
  • Tinker Public Affairs
Col. Stella Smith - who retired from the Air Force on Aug. 13 after a 24-year career -- established high standards for the 552nd Maintenance Group during the three years she was its commander.

· The Average Maintenance Scheduling Effectiveness Rate climbed to 97.3 percent, surpassing the standard of 95 percent. Of 2,584 scheduled maintenance jobs, only 70 were not completed on time,
· The repeat/recur aircraft repair standard was exceeded 35 of the 38 months she was in charge, averaging just 2.1 percent, compared to the standard of 3 percent.
· The group's mission capable rate reached 81.6 percent in March of this year, its highest level in nearly four years; the last time it was higher was August 2009, when the MC rate climbed to 82.6 percent. Also, the MC rate was recorded at 80.1 percent in July.
· The total non-mission capable for supply rate fell to an average of 6.9 percent this year, the lowest yearly average since Fiscal Year 2008, when the average rate was 6.3 percent. The TNMCS standard is 9 percent.
· The group assured an average fix rate of 68.8 percent, surpassing the standard of 66 percent.
· The colonel deployed 131 Airmen to Libya within 72 hours in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. There they flew 222 sorties and performed 2,056 hours of surveillance.
· She oversaw 6,891 wing sorties and 58,156 flight hours during her command.
· Four E-3 Sentry G-model modifications to the communication/navigation system were completed in the past three years.

As commander of the 552nd MXG since June 2010, Colonel Smith directed, managed and coordinated activities for more than 1,400 personnel in support of 32 E-3 aircraft, and was the subject-matter expert on logistical support for the 552nd Air Control Wing.