552nd ACW Diversity & Inclusion Resource Center

ODS Survey QR CodeThe 552nd Air Control Wing Diversity and Inclusion Resource Center provides an easy-to-use collection of materials and communication resources designed to help 552nd Airmen encourage a spirit of camaraderie, no matter their background.

Observations of Discrimination in the Squadron Reporting Tool

ODS Survey QR CodeObservations of Discrimination in the Squadron is a completely anonymous reporting form focused on low level mediation of reported incidents of macroaggression and discrimination. The structure emphasizes open conversation and resolution by your squadron leadership to positively change the unit’s cultural climate. This allows another avenue or reporting that isn’t as daunting and time consuming as formal reporting. ODS is accessible for anonymous reporting 24/7, and will be monitored by a member of the Diversity and Inclusion office. While no action will be taken against the offending party, the ODS project aims to capture all of the comments, jokes and conversations that deteriorate unit culture. ODS is tool, that when actioned, can make actual progress towards a more inclusive Air Force.

You can access the form here: Observations of Discrimination in the Squadron (Google Forms)