Graduation ceremony honors 552nd ACW Airmen

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The Spring 2015 Community College of the Air Force graduation ceremony will honor 172 Airmen, who have achieved a total of 180 Associates in Applied Science degrees.
The Airmen represent the five Air Force commands on Tinker AFB -- Air Force Materiel Command, Air Combat Command, Air Education and Training Command, U.S. Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard.

Family, friends, commanders, first sergeants, supervisors and the rest of Team Tinker are invited to ceremony at 2 p.m. April 23 at the Tinker Club.

Graduates are:
Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology

Tech. Sgt. Douglas Brasfield, 373rd TRS
Master Sgt. Jacob Nolen, 552nd MXS

Air And Space Operations Technology
Senior Airman Diante Andrews, 966th AACS
Senior Airman Jennifer Beason, 960th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Cummings, 752nd OSS
Senior Airman Alejandro Hardaway, 963rd AACS
Master Sgt. Jay Harris, 970th AACS
Senior Airman Cory Odell, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Corey Phillips, 963rd AACS

Air Traffic Operations And Management
Senior Airman Aimee Wiker, 72nd OSS

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Kristopher Luna, 76th AMXG
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Linsalata, AFOSI Det 114

Aircrew Safety Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Jason Eckenrode, 72nd MDG
Master Sgt. Adam Parnell, 552nd OSS

Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Danny Auer, 552nd MXG
Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Bogard, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Boyer, 375th OG
Tech. Sgt. Jason Cox, 552nd MXS
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Dashiell, 375th OG
Master Sgt. Benjamin Hill, 412th LTA
Staff Sgt. Jeremiah McDaniel, 545th PMXS
Tech. Sgt. James Miller Jr., 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Cristopher Morris, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman Aaron Pitzer, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Brandon Posey, 373rd TRS
Master Sgt. Kenneth Sciberras, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Peter Silcox, 76th AMXG
Master Sgt. Mark Simmons, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. David Irlando, 507th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Jose Martinez, 507th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Kenneth Snow, 552nd AMXS
Senior Airman Kyle Walker, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Whitaker, 552nd MXS

Aviation Management
Staff Sgt. David Bucovaz, 965th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Calene Price, 960th AACS

Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Michael Banks, 963rd AACS
Master Sgt. Jeffery Bass, 970th AACS
Staff Sgt. Jordan Felicia, 965th AACS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Golden, 963rd AACS
Staff Sgt. Richard Razon, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Robert Villalobos, 964th AACS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Wilson, 552nd TRS

Avionic Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Billy Barbero, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Brown, 552nd MXG
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Burch, AFLCMC
Senior Airman Joshua Gonzales, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Eric Harmon, 507th AMXS
Senior Airman Bernard Hogue, 552nd AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Regina Hubregtse, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Eric Lyons, AFPC
Staff Sgt. Brett Mims, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Theodore Muenster, 552nd MXS
Tech. Sgt. Michael Nolan Jr., 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Timothy Parker, 552nd MXG
Staff Sgt. Jesus Passapera Hernandez, 373rd TRS
Airman 1st Class Daniel Reinig, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Nina Simmons, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman Johnathan Suarez, 552nd MXS
Master Sgt. Emmit Waskom III, 513th MXS
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Wilson, 552nd AMXS

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Staff Sgt. Justin Sims, 72nd AMDS
Senior Airman Tabitha Smallwood, 72nd AMDS
Master Sgt. Wyll Yabut, 72nd AMDS

Computer Science Technology
Staff Sgt. Aaron Johnson, 552nd ACNS

Contracts Management
Senior Airman Chito Carabeo, AFSC
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Starkey, AFSC

Criminal Justice
Tech. Sgt. Cody Belt, 72nd SFS
Senior Airman James Cochran, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Ryan Johnston, 349th RCS
SA Darcy Kumm, 1st FIR
Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Moore, 72nd SFS
Master Sgt. Rasheam Moore-Coates, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Maricruz Ontiveros, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Sarah Pante, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Reed, 72nd SFS
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Robinson, 507th SFS
Staff Sgt. Steven Roling, 72nd SFS
Tech. Sgt. Laura Santiago, 507th MDS
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Snell, 72nd SFS
Tech. Sgt. Kelly Spiker, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Audrey Turner, 349th RCS
Tech. Sgt. David Walters, 72nd SFS

Dental Assisting
Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Pipkin, 507th MDS
Education And Training Management
Tech. Sgt. Jason Eckenrode, 552nd MXG
Tech. Sgt. Isom Perkins III, 552nd MXS

Electronic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Trevor Long, AFFSA
Tech. Sgt. Harron Lyle Jr., 752nd OSS
Tech. Sgt. Trenton Otto, AFFSA
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Starkey, AFSC
Senior Airman Johnathan Suarez, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman Adam Swaby, 552nd ACNS

Emergency Management
Tech. Sgt. Bradley Showalter, 507th ARW

Financial Management
Senior Airman Miguel Garcia, 72nd CPTS
Senior Airman Hannah Harris, 72nd CPTS

Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Cory Drain, 507th CES

Health Care Management
Staff Sgt. Adrian Lassiter, 72nd MDSS

Human Resource Management
Master Sgt. Steven Colombo Jr., 552nd ACG
Master Sgt. Theresa Dirden, 72nd FSS
Staff Sgt. Krystal Dominguez, 72nd FSS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Gee, 349th RCS
Master Sgt. Darwin Hawkins, 965th AACS
Master Sgt. Benjamin Jetland, 552nd OSS
Tech. Sgt. Misty Johnson, 72nd FSS
Master Sgt. Lisa Quinonez, OC-ALC
Staff Sgt. Audrey Turner, 349th RCS
Master Sgt. Shawn Waters, 964th AACS
Master Sgt. Andrew Wojciuch, 349th RCS

Human Services
Tech. Sgt. Joan Frantz, 72nd ABW

Information Management
Tech. Sgt. Kristina Hudson, ACC TRS
Staff Sgt. Lindsey Otto, 552nd ACW

Information Systems Technology
Master Sgt. Joel Andren, 963rd AACS
Senior Airman Jacob Boyd, 963rd AACS

Information Systems Technology
Senior Airman Stephen Bykowicz, 960th AACS
Staff Sgt. Sheila Carroll, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman Tydaryll Chandler, 963rd AACS
Senior Airman Justin Cochran, 507th FSS
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Cotter, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. James Fraser Jr., 552nd OSS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Goad, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Kristopher Gooden, 965th AACS
Staff Sgt. Andrea Herzenach, 964th AACS
Staff Sgt. Jakob Hickcox, AFPC
Staff Sgt. Ross Jenkins, AFPC
Staff Sgt. Stanley Joyce III, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Sadat Kahin, 966th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Robert Kato, 552nd ACNS
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Lucas, 960th AACS
Senior Airman Jessie McDowell, 965th AACS
Senior Airman Anthony Palmison, 552nd OG
Senior Airman Timothy Reed, 963rd AACS
Senior Airman Xavier Rosa, 965th AACS
Senior Airman Greg Stickley, 965th AACS
Staff Sgt. David Stivers, 964th AACS
Staff Sgt. Andrea Theophilos, AFROTC
Master Sgt. Christopher Thomas, 965th AACS
Senior Airman Ryan Thornton, 965th AACS
Senior Airman Erik Tremaine, 552nd OSS
Senior Airman William Washko, 963rd AACS
Senior Airman Ricky Williams, 964th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Andrew Young, 960th AACS

Instructor Of Technology And Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Jayne Alexander, 730th AMTS
Staff Sgt. John Barsetti, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Miranda Beck, 552nd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Bogard, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Douglas Brasfield, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Christian Casciola, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Joseph Dunk, 966th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Richard Gould, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Douglas Hale, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Koenig, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Rachael Long, 72nd FSS
Staff Sgt. Corey Phillips, 963rd AACS
Staff Sgt. Brandon Posey, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Darren Schaff, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Daniel Vanhorn, 966th AACS
Intelligence Studies And Technology
Staff Sgt. George Lee Jr., 965th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Katharine Murphy, 507th ARW

Tech. Sgt. Bobby Natale, 72nd LRS
Senior Airman Samantha Rodriguez, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman Landon Scalercio, 552nd MXG
Senior Airman Lee Steinberg, 552nd MXS

Maintenance Production Management
Senior Master Sgt. Daniel Bostwick, 507th CES
Airman 1st Class Micaela Davis, 552nd MXG
Staff Sgt. Tonyanicole Parsons, 507th MXG

Management Engineering Technology
Staff Sgt. Ana Colston, 5th MRS
Tech. Sgt. Allan Conner, 5th MRS
Staff Sgt. Rodolfo Isuhuaylas, 5th MRS
Staff Sgt. Eddie McMillian, 5th MRS

Mechanical And Electrical Technology
Senior Airman Abrha Amare, 460th CES
Senior Airman Jonathan Carpenter, 507th CES
Master Sgt. Carl Wiegel, 72nd ABW

Practical Nursing Technology
Tech. Sgt. Brandon Hand, 72nd MDOS
Tech. Sgt. Angela Leddy, 507th MDS
Tech. Sgt. Rhonda Stockstill, 72nd MDOS

Public Health Technology
Senior Airman Latoya Irving, 72nd AMDS
Airman 1st Class Matthew Jones, 72nd AMDS

Survival Instructor
Staff Sgt. Ryan Hyslop, 552nd OSS

Staff Sgt. Walter Russell, 963rd AACS

Vehicle Maintenance
Tech. Sgt. Larry Hale, 507th LRS

Along with their college diploma, the graduates can take with them the pride of having graduated from the world's largest degree granting institution of higher learning.  CCAF is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Beyond the personal benefits and education that a CCAF degree gives these individuals, it also benefits the Air Force and nation since the Airmen continue to serve their service and country long after they leave active duty.

These graduates have the opportunity to receive scholarships from three different sources including the Gerrity Chapter of the Air Force Association, the Tinker Top Three Group, and the Tinker Chiefs Group.

There are five awards of $400 each, and three awards of $100 each.