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Air Force Air control now centralized within 552d Air Control Wing

16 May 2008 -- The 552d Air Control Wing brings flexible and responsive battle management capability to combatant commanders. As of May 1st, the 552 ACW scope of responsibility expanded beyond airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) to include ground-based systems.

The 552d Air Control Group will stand up as the 552d Communications Group stands down in an official ceremony May 9th.

The 552d Air Control Group mission is two-fold: to provide Control and Reporting Centers (CRC) to combatant commanders and develop software and deploy communications for the E-3 Sentry, Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS,) fleet.

"The 552d Air Control Group is designed to modernize and sustain air battle management weapons platforms and provide wide-ranging command and control to combatant commanders," said Colonel John Pericas, 552d Air Control Group Commander.

The 552 ACG consists of six squadrons, two located at Tinker and four geographically separated units. The two squadrons at Tinker are the 752d Operations Support Squadron and the 552d Air Control Networks Squadron. The four geographically separated units are the 726th Air Control Squadron, Mountain Home AFB, ID; 728th Air Control Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL; 729th Air Control Squadron, Hill AFB, UT; and 607th Air Control Squadron, Luke AFB, AZ.

"The individual missions of the four geographically separated squadrons are not new. However, the concept of consolidating airborne and ground-based theater air and control systems under one wing is," said Col John Pericas. "America's premier air control is now centralized within the 552d Air Control Wing."
With the activation of the 552d Air Control Group, The 552d Air Control Wing will gain approximately 1,200 Airmen - most of whom are located at Eglin AFB, Luke AFB, Mountain Home AFB and Hill AFB..

With the addition of the 552d Air Control Group, the 552d Air Control Wing will be approximately 5,300 members strong.
"The cornerstone of our success is always our Airmen. We are expeditionary Airmen who generate the sorties, connect the airwaves and command and control the airpower that is crucial to winning wars," said Brig. Gen. Lori J. Robinson, 552d Air Control Wing commander.
"From the Cold War through Operations ENDURING, IRAQI FREEDOM and NOBLE EAGLE the 552d Air Control Wing has maintained a rich history of key contributions to national security," she said. "The 552d answers our nation's call. As the first to the battle, centralizing battle management within one wing will provide combatant commanders the best command and control capability to fly, fight and win."