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552nd ACW buildings in line for upgrades after funding secured

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- They did it. The 552nd Air Control Wing secured more than $25 million for construction projects. The money will be used to renovate and modernize two buildings on the Tinker campus. Construction for several projects began in fiscal 2009 and officials said all projects are expected to wrap by the end of fiscal 2010.

"The reason this is a big deal is because the previous funding amounts for AWACS for Sustainment, Renovation and Modernization program facilities maintenance and upgrades has primarily been in the $1 million or less per year range and we have managed to secure substantially more funding recently," said Don Reynolds, 552nd ACW civil engineer. "We couldn't have done it without support from the wing and each one of its groups."

Although Bldg. 230 is expected to receive the most upgrades, Bldg. 282 also benefits.

"Bldg. 230 is in excess of 68 years old, has undergone numerous changes with very little major renovation or modernization to the facility," Mr. Reynolds said. "Due to the high cost of maintenance for existing mechanical systems and the antiquated fire-suppression system, we are bringing it all up to present-day Air Force code, which allows for a cleaner and more efficient facility aiming for the Team Tinker energy initiatives."

Within Bldg. 230, Mr. Reynolds said there are two projects underway. Two more, the saw-tooth roof and a heating, ventilating and air conditioning project, are in the design phase. The HVAC project planned for Bldg. 282 is also in the design phase.

In October, HGL Construction of Oklahoma City began field construction for the $1.2-million Aqueous Film Forming Foam project in Dock 4. In addition to the water-based fire-fighting foam generators, HGL is also adding an alarm system and a wet-pipe system. Field construction is expected to wrap in April.

"It is an exceptionally quick work period because Dock 4 cannot be utilized while AFFF was being upgraded," Mr. Reynolds said.

In December, work began on a $924,000 maintenance-operation center relocation project. It is expected to be finished in June. Southwind Construction Company of Edmond is executing the work.

Before work on these projects began, the most recent facility within the 552nd ACW campus to undergo construction was Bldg. 285. Refurbished by Southwind Construction Company, approximately 6,000 square feet were restored and 2,000 square feet were added on. The project cost roughly $1.3 million. Renovations began in October 2008 and were finished in December 2009, said Gordon Fitzgerald, director of the 552nd Air Control Group's Plans and Programs unit.