552nd Air Control Wing wins 23rd Outstanding Unit Award

  • Published
  • By Darren D. Heusel
  • Tinker Public Affairs
The 552nd Air Control Wing has won the 2012 Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, bringing its total of AFOUAs won to 23, it was announced recently.

"The men and women of the 552nd Air Control Wing are very proud to earn the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award," said Col. Greg Guillot, 552nd ACW commander. "As with the previous 22 times the wing has been so honored, this award recognizes the outstanding results that come from the disciplined and dedicated approach the wing's Airmen take to accomplishing their mission."

According to Curtis Swift, 552nd ACW historian, the most recent AFOUA was for the period June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012. Prior to this, Mr. Swift said, the last one earned was for the period of June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011.

Mr. Swift said of the wing's 23 AFOUAs, four came with the "Combat V" device for valor, with the most recent of these being for the period of June 1, 2002 to May 31, 2003, coinciding with the initial months of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.
In addition to the 23 AFOUAs, Mr. Swift said the 552nd ACW has also received two Meritorious Unit Awards; one from 2006-2007 and one for 2008-2009.

"Over the entire year, the 552nd ACW had forces tasked to three combatant commanders, and for a period of time served a fourth, in addition to meeting all local readiness training requirements," Colonel Guillot said. "At home and abroad, 552nd ACW Airmen delivered combat airpower to meet all mission tasks."

Subordinate units within the 552nd ACW authorized to share in the award include: the 552nd Operations Group, 552nd Operations Support Squadron, 552nd Training Squadron, 960th Airborne Air Control Squadron, 963rd AACS, 964th AACS, 965th AACS, 966th AACS, 552nd Air Control Group, 607th Air Control Squadron, 552nd Air Control Networks Squadron, 726th ACS, 728th ACS, 729th ACS, 752nd Operations Support Squadron, 552nd Maintenance Group, 552nd Maintenance Operations Squadron, 552nd Maintenance Squadron and the 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.