Basic Needs Allowance for active-duty service members being implemented January 2023

  • Published
  • By Deidre Moon
  • AEDC Public Affairs

Active-duty service members with dependents whose gross household income falls below 130% of federal poverty guidelines will soon be able to apply for a Basic Needs Allowance, or BNA.

The BNA will provide a supplemental taxable allowance for eligible service members who are the most financially challenged to promote economic security for those members and their families.

The military services will proactively screen service members for eligibility based on their service member pay and notify them of their potential eligibility.

Though the application procedure may vary by service, all service members must submit documentation that confirms their income, such as a tax return or W2. Service members will be able to obtain assistance from their installation financial counselors and installation community and family support offices in submitting applications.

The BNA amount for those approved will be calculated to bring their household income up to the 130% Federal Poverty Guidelines, which vary according to household size and location. Payment of the allowance begins in January 2023, with military services expected to start accepting applications by December of this year.

For more details about the BNA, view the factsheet here: