Department of the Air Force reaches DAF365 Enterprise Services migration milestone

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jonathan Carkhuff
  • ACC Public Affairs

The Air Force Enterprise Information Services SharePoint Team has completed the migration of 6,823 Air Force sites from SharePoint on-premise hosting and operations to the Department of the Air Force 365 cloud solution. This marks the final major migration milestone to the Microsoft Office 365 collaboration platform, DAF365 Enterprise Services.  

DAF365 supports the Department of Defense modernization strategy by leveraging commercial services and technology to deliver new capabilities to the warfighter in a timely and sustainable manner. It also enables the Air Force to continue modernizing its capabilities, keeping pace with the increasing need for remote teamwork and collaboration. 

“Improving the warfighter experience is imperative to our efforts,” said Lauren Knausenberger, Department of the Air Force chief information officer. “Airmen and Guardians cannot operate with bifurcated information in the reality of a connected digital environment. DAF365 Enterprise Services enables secure, available information anywhere with a suite of applications our workforce relies on." 

The Air Force cyber community has historically been viewed as an IT service provider to Department of Defense Information Network operations. Now, to prepare for the future fight, cyber professionals must be able to conduct offensive and defensive cyber operations, maintain cyber security and provide overall mission assurance.  

DAF365 implements common enterprise applications and services for use across the DAF, standardizing cloud adoption and enabling collaboration across the Air Force. The transition to this new IT model postures the Air Force to better manage services and leverage industry’s ability to quickly adopt emerging technologies. 

Additionally, DAF365 removes a significant amount of IT infrastructure footprint and operational responsibilities and relieves operators for higher priority missions. It provides a common set of enterprise services for messaging, collaboration, productivity and content management to support Airmen and Guardians executing missions agnostic of device, location and time.

DAF365 empowers personnel to work together, harness collective knowledge, transform business processes, and inform and engage others across the globe.