552nd Air Control Wing welcomes new Operations Group commander during appointment of command

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  • By Meagan Hannon, 552nd Air Control Wing
  • 552nd Air Control Wing

The 552nd Air Control Wing welcomed a group new commander to the 552nd Operations Group at an appointment of command ceremony Jan. 7, at Fannin Hall.

 Col. Keven Coyle, 552nd Air Control Wing commander presided over the ceremony.   

Col. Wayne “Jack” Frost, former vice commander of the 552nd Air Control Wing, was appointed command of the 552nd Operations Group, where he will lead five squadrons, encompassing 1,200 military and civilian personnel. He will be responsible for commanding E-3G aircrew, support personnel, and aircraft for operations throughout the world, totaling $5 billion in Air Force resources, and lead combat training, development, and intelligence functions.

Coyle conveyed his certainty in the 552nd Operations Group commander selection.

“Col. Frost, congratulations as you are appointed command of the operations group,” said Coyle. “I have three charges for you. First, take care of airman & families, second, right-pace the Operations Group for the long-haul competition mindset that we are in with our peer adversaries, and lastly, continue to focus on readiness and preparing our airmen for rapid deployment worldwide, and to not just meet our enemies face to face, but to defeat them. I have full confidence that under your leadership, the Operations Group is going to be fantastic.” 

After thanking his friends and family for their contributions to his career thus far, Frost expressed that he is honored to have been selected for the position.

“When thinking about today, there are two terms that are predominant,” said Frost. “I am blessed, and it is an honor to serve.  Moving forward, I charge you to continue being innovative, and using your voice to help guide this great organization. I look forward to what we will build together in the future.”