Final reenlistment for Command Chief celebrates heritage

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Ashlyn K. Paulson

Airmen and family gathered in Dock Two on Sept. 1 to witness the final reenlistment for the highest ranking enlisted member in the 552nd Air Control Wing, Command Chief Master Sgt. Raymond “Kenny” Mott.

Mott, who continually emphasizes the importance of heritage and pride, ensured these values were reflected in the ceremony by having the newest officer in the wing, 2nd Lt. Austin Owen, an Air Battle Manager, administer the oath of enlistment.

“The best part of the 552nd ACW is the team of teams who are all focused on Command of the Air,” said Mott. “Regardless of one’s career or background, our Wing comes together to train hard, rapidly deploy forward, fight and win.”

The reenlistment ceremony occurred in a unique location due to the 15-month Isochronal Inspection: on top of the roto-dome of an E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System.

Mott joined the Air Force on March 3, 1993, as a 1A5, Airborne Technician.

“Over the decades, the best change has been the culture shifts. The mission needs people and people need a mission.  Leaders are better focused on building capable Airmen of character who will in turn better execute our missions and preserve our way of life for all Americans.  As I take my final oath, I encourage others to become better teammates while continuing to evolve our culture to make this a place other Americans want to be, we cannot complete our mission without the talents each of us bring to the fight.”

Mott has been the 552nd ACW Command Chief since Oct. 1, 2018. He has spent 14 of his 27 year career at Tinker Air Force Base.

As seen in, America’s Air Force: A Profession of Arms, every uniformed Airman began their service in the Air Force by reciting the Oath of Enlistment or the Oath of Office.  It is a humbling reminder of the seriousness of the profession of arms. Throughout one’s career they must continually reflect on the meaning of the words, and the gravity of their commitment.