E-3 Sentry aircraft dedicated to the 966th AACS

  • Published
  • By Ron Mullan

As the squadron responsible for conducting training for all 552nd Air Control Wing operations personnel, the 966th Airborne Air Control Squadron didn’t have any aircraft dedicated to the squadron.

But that all changed on Jan. 6, 2020 when E-3 Sentry aircraft 75-0556 was dedicated to the squadron.

Capt. William Johnson, an instructor pilot with the 966th AACS served as Master of Ceremonies and set the tone for the ceremony. “Today we are gathered to dedicate aircraft 75-0556 to the 966th Airborne Air Control Squadron, and recognize the bond between the aircrew and their dedicated crew chief,” said Johnson. “In the business of delivering overwhelming and decisive airpower, history has shown no relationship is more sacred than the one between aircrew and their maintainers. Ours is a professional relationship based on trust, anchored by discipline, and driven by a thirst for mastery.”

Tech. Sgt. Clinton Ashley, 552nd Maintenance Squadron was presented a certificate recognizing him as the dedicated crew chief for aircraft 75-0556 by Capt. Shawn Lundskow, 552nd MXS/White Aircraft Maintenance Unit Officer in Charge. Ashley’s name was placed on the nose of the aircraft.

The Commander of the 966th AACS, Lt. Col. Marty Slovinsky, echoed Capt. Johnson’s comments on the close interaction of aircrews and maintainers. “This aircraft, 0556, is a beauty, isn’t she? It really is amazing what our maintainers do each day to keep this beautiful aircraft, built way back in 1975, not just flying, but a lethal combat platform. The United States Air Force is the best in the world because of our unrivaled ability to generate and sustain air missions, also known as the air power principle of persistence. Air power is fundamentally unique. It requires constant effort and expense of energy to remain in position. In the air you truly must be present to win. Without our amazing support and relationship with our maintenance brothers and sisters, we could not achieve command of the air…anytime…anywhere!”

Lt. Col. Slovinsky then presented a 966th AACS morale T-shirt and a commander’s coin to Ashley.

The ceremony concluded with a tour of the aircraft.