726th ACS conducts deployment training exercise

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Tyrell Hall
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 726th Air Control Squadron activated their deployment training exercise July 9, 2019.

The training is in conjunction with MHAFB’s Gunfighter Flag exercise, simulating the operations executed in a deployed location.

During the exercise, 726th Airmen aim to sharpen their skills, increase their mobility, and enhance their readiness to execute their command and control mission down range.

The orders for the exercise were issued July 9, 2019, at which time the 726th ACS began “pack up”, which is the first phase of their process to set up their operations on a simulated Mobile Operating Air Base (MOAB).

This required them to do maintenance on vehicles, inventory, vehicle weight checks, accountability of manning, and secure cargo to be transported on their Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV).

One of the goals for the 726th ACS was to pack up their MTV’s with the shelters, communication systems, tents and tools needed for the exercise and leave for MOAB within 72 hours.

“We’re focused on mobilizing, deploying and employing,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Lopez, 726th ACS director of operations.

Establishing their operating area on the MOAB requires the 726th ACS to conduct security checks, hazard checks, Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear and Explosive materials (CBRNE), and Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) procedures.

Additionally, grounding circuits will be used to enable net communication equipment, radar systems and generators to be set up and remain secure and protected from electrical damage. They’ll also be able to communicate with the various fighter squadrons who are participating in Gunfighter Flag.

“The whole point of the exercise is to increase readiness,” said Lt. Col. Richard Barber, 726th ACS commander. “We want to focus on cultivating those skill sets needed to mobilize our system.”