America's Wing Happy Holidays

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America's Wing,

Karen and I want to extend a hearty THANK YOU for a great year and Happy Holidays to you!

The wing has had a fantastic year thanks to your hard work and dedication to each other and the mission. You have really embraced our priorities - People, Readiness, Innovation, Drive, and Excellence, and it shows!

Please enjoy your holiday time off, and as a bonus, your performance this last quarter--to include earning a "Highly Effective" for Mission during the UEI, evaluating our AN-TYQ23A system for IOC, and deploying the world's first IPEC E-3 to combat--has earned us all another Wing Resiliency Day on 5 February!

As a reminder, please be responsible with your time off and keep an eye on the weather which is starting to turn wintry. I can tell you from experience, icy roads and inattentive drivers around here are probably among the most dangerous situations you'll face in your military career.

Again, thanks and all the best to you as we celebrate the holiday season and the coming New Year!


Commander, 552d Air Control Wing
Tinker AFB, OK

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