Community College of the Air Force Graduates

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The fall Community College of the Air Force graduation ceremony takes place Oct. 27 at the Tinker Club. Graduates are:

Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Dunlap, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Bradley Ford, 552nd MXS

Air and Space Operations Technology
Airman 1st Class Danielle Cox, 965th AACS
Staff Sgt. Bryant Cronbaugh, 964th AACS
Senior Airman Andrew Newson, 964th AACS
Staff Sgt. Stephen Roquemore, 964th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Taylor Spellins,752nd OSS
Staff Sgt. Adam Tilden, 964th AACS
Senior Airman Kyle Ware, 966th AACS

Air Traffic Operations And Management
Senior Airman Robert Shifflett, 72nd OSS

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Arsenio Smith, 552nd MXS

Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Taylor Bauer, 76th AMXG
Master Sgt. Marcus W. Bentley, 507th MXS
Staff Sgt. Roberta D. Blankenship, 513th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Matthew Chase, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Crawford, 507th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Jose Delgado, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Reginold Felton, 552nd MXS
Tech. Sgt. Victor L. Foster, 507th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Fraser, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Nathalie A. Hamilton, 507th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Haynes, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Christopher B. Kim, 507th MXS
Tech. Sgt. Mary J. Ly, 507th MXS
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Moore, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Ky Morris, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Riley Oneal, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Rachel M. Parker, 507th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Primas, 552nd MXS
Master Sgt. Wendy G. Robison, 513th AMXS
Senior Airman Trevor Sheehan, 552nd AMXS
Master Sgt. Mark Wakeham, AFELM

Aviation Management
Tech. Sgt. Madison N. Harmon, 730th AMTS
Senior Airman Mikela Williams, 965th AACS

Aviation Operations
Tech. Sgt. Richard Christensen, 964th AACS

Avionic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Anderson, 552nd MXS
Senior Airman T. Jon A. Becenti, 507th AMXS
Senior Airman Marc Briggs, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Dipilla, 552nd AMS
Staff Sgt. Adam Filer, 552nd AMXS
Airman 1st Class Juan Fuentes, 552nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Stephen Kendall, 552nd AMXS
Tech. Sgt. James Kinney, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Aaron Lien, 552nd MXS
Staff Sgt. Kirsten L. Milkowski, 507th MXS
Senior Airman Richmond Immaculate Reyes, 552nd MXS
Master Sgt. Tom Whittington, 552nd AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Jacob D. Woods, 507th AMXS

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Senior Airman Evan Sartin, 72nd AMDS
Airman 1st Class Kristina Song, 72nd AMDS
Senior Airman Wesley Smith, 72nd AMDS

Business Administration
Tech. Sgt. Celeste D. Sutton, 507th MXG

Computer Science Technology
Airman 1st Class Jacob Fournier, 552nd ACNS
Senior Airman Steven Pham, 552nd ACNS
Senior Airman Michael Shanks, 552nd ACNS

Contracts Management
Master Sgt. Andre Casiano, AFSC

Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Ty J. Bremerman, 507th SFS
Staff Sgt. Dustin Davis, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Derek Dent, 72nd SFS
Tech. Sgt. Austin Fahrenthold, 137th SOSFS
Staff Sgt. Patrick Johnson, 72nd SFS
Master Sgt. Noel Peterson, 72nd SFS
Airman 1st Class Garrett Pinto, 72nd SFS
Staff Sgt. Gherjuan Robinson, 72nd SFS
Tech. Sgt. Steven G. Young, 507th SFS
Senior Airman Zhennan Zhong, 72nd SFS

Dental Laboratory Technology
Tech. Sgt. Justin Rhodes, 72nd DS

Education And Training Management
Master Sgt. Lorena A. Bolding, 507th FSS

Electronic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Freddie Martinez, 0001 Weather Group
Staff Sgt. John Perkins, AFFSA
Tech. Sgt. Jason Sturdevant, AFFSA

Human Resource Management
Tech. Sgt. Herschell Miller, 349th AFRS
Staff Sgt. Rachel Mohnke, 349th AFRS
Senior Airman Angel Snively, AFLCMC
Master Sgt. Tommy Stidham, 960th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Daniella Ford, 552nd ACW

Information Systems Technology
Senior Airman Christopher Abad, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Fisher, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Omar Garcia, 965th AACS
Senior Airman Samantha Grendahl, 963rd AACS
Senior Airman William Miles, 964th AACS
Senior Airman Bryan Nguyen, 960th AACS
Senior Airman Braden Olson, 966th AACS
Senior Airman Michael Reinoso, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Ian Southeland, 966th AACS

Instructor Of Technology And
Military Science

Senior Airman Christopher Abad, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Joseph Belden, 966th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Lee Bennett, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt., Matthew Chase, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Kyle Cochran, 966th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Jose Delgado, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Allison Garza, 552nd TRS
Tech. Sgt. David Giles, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Vance Kendrick, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Joshua Lawhon, 373rd TRS
Staff Sgt. Kyle Lawrence, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Longueira, 373rd TRS
Tech. Sgt. Shawn Ness, 552nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Gilbert Pagan, 966th AACS
Senior Airman Michael Reinoso, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Patrick Shafter, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Aaron Souza, 966th AACS
Staff Sgt. Victoria Thompson, 966th AACS
Tech. Sgt. Robert Wolfe, 966th AACS
Master Sgt. Andrew Young, 966th AACS
Master Sgt. Mitchell Zebert, 373rd TRS

Intelligence Studies And Technology
Airman 1st Class Dylan Mccoy, 964th AACS

Senior Airman Charmaine C. Jones, 507th LRS

Maintenance Production

Staff Sgt. Anthony Galata, 552nd MXS

Medical Laboratory Technology
Staff Sgt. Ashley Godward, 72nd MDSS

Practical Nursing Technology
Senior Airman Julianna F. Divett, 507th MDS
Staff Sgt. Eddie L. Jackson, 507th MDS
Master Sgt. Daniel R. Schaefer, 507th MDS

Public Health Technology
Senior Airman Britney Williams, 72nd AMDS

Tech. Sgt. Heston Ashlock, 72nd FSS
Staff Sgt. Tyler Bowen, 72nd LRS
Tech. Sgt. Michkala A. Deforest, 72nd APS
Staff Sgt. Ayub M. Munyenye, 72nd APS