552nd ACW cuts ribbon on new flight line clinic

  • Published
  • By Jillian Coleman

In partnership with the 72nd Medical Group, the 552nd Air Control Wing recently opened a flight line clinic in the 960th Airborne Air Control Squadron.
Providing value to the warfighter and fliers of the 552nd ACW, the new clinic meets medical needs nearest to the workplace, minimizes time spent outside the squadron or AWACS campus and improves overall combat readiness.

Commander of the 960th AACS Lt. Col. Kristen Thompson was enthusiastic about Tinker’s first ever satellite flight line clinic and the partnership between the two wings.

“Tinker is lucky to have two commanders who are completely in lockstep with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s challenge to revitalize the squadron and allow commanders to take charge of combat training and preparation, which in turn takes care of our Airmen, and ultimately, the mission,” she said.

Operational since April 10, the clinic, located in Bldg. 255, is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Seeing on average six to eight patients per day, the rotating flight docs and independent duty medical technicians at the clinic have seen a total of 52 patients so far, boasting an overall 50 percent return-to-flight status rate.

The clinic supports return-to-flight status, medical waiver processing, go/no-go pills, prescription profiles, medical renewals and the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.

Having the resources in the AWACS campus has saved more than 96 man hours of travel and wait time in just five weeks, and rounds out the ability to increase the effectiveness of the warfighter.

“The ability to increase combat readiness was improved through this joint project,” the colonel said. “So we decided to seize the opportunity and make it a reality. And in the spirit of Airmen taking care of Airmen and the 72nd MDG focus of trusted, high-quality care, enhancing the readiness and mission effectiveness of Air Force operators and building Airmen, our flight line clinic aims to do all of those things. So far, it’s been successful.”