AMXS blanks rival in ‘Night of Living Shutouts’

  • Published
  • By John Parker

552nd AMXS shut out Air Control Wing rival 552nd MXS 14-zip April 18 in Spring Flag Football League play.

In what was dubbed the “Night of the Living Shutouts,” AMXS was one of four teams that blanked their opponents. The other defensive dominators were 424th SCMS, 72nd Med Group and Reserve Gold.

AMXS’ defensive pressure pushed hard early on, forcing MXS to a three-and-out on their first possession.

AMXS started at their own 38 after the punt. The team launched a long drive with two first downs, including one from an 11-yard run by QB Marc. With AMXS risking it at the 15 on fourth down, Marc connected short up the middle before MXS “tackled” the receiver at the four yard line.

MXS quarterback Kaleb dug his team out of the hole with a 13-yard strike to the 17 yard line. Facing fourth and two, the team gambled on the first down conversion. AMXS answered with an aggressive seven-yard sack for the ball.

With a scoring opportunity halfway inside the red zone, AMXS scored in two plays — only to have the TD called back for an illegal downfield screen. Backed up on fourth down at the 15, Marc threw a hard pass to the end zone — a ball that Derrick seized in a close-quarters mid-air wrestling match against an MXS defender. AMXS led 6-0 after a failed two-point conversion.

MXS’ next possession on the 20 yardline ended in a flash. AMXS player JaQuan intercepted their first pass, taking the ball back to the MXS 30.
AMXS struggled, with a penalty that set them back to the 40. The drive fizzled at the 27 after two incompletes and a fourth-down sack by MXS, followed by the end of the half.

AMXS began a second half march with gains of six and nine yards, plus a Marc short chest pass to Tyler for a 15-yard run to half-field. MXS allowed 10 more yards, but gained them all back on a fourth down sack to gain possession.

MXS’ Kaleb started strong from the 50 with consecutive strikes for eight and 12 yards. A long lob, however, proved fatal when Marc snagged the team’s second Oskie, setting them up at their own 20 yard line.

AMXS was unstoppable in an 80-yard scoring drive. Marc connected with JaQuan for a 39-yard gain to the red zone. MXS held their opponent at bay at the three yard line to force a fourth down. Marc tossed a short lob that John reached for with one arm, bringing it into his chest for six points. John delivered again one play later, catching a bullet pass for the two-point conversion.

With under two minutes, MXS played it dangerously and John rocketed to the ball on defense for the game’s third interception. He had open room for a TD, but an MXS defender pulled his flag just short of the end zone in the last play of the game.