552nd Maintenance Group


The 552nd Maintenance Group is an operational unit of Air Combat Command's 552nd Air Control Wing, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.


The 552nd Maintenance Group directs logistics support of 31 E-3 Sentry aircraft valued at $15.5 billion, flying approximately 8,000 hours home-station and 6,900 hours in support of Combatant Commanders. The group leads over 1,300 personnel performing maintenance to support four operational flying squadrons, one reserve flying squadron and one flying training squadron which comprises one of Air Combat Command's largest flying training programs. It provides trained personnel, resources, and equipment to support the 552nd Air Control Wing mission to provide airborne command and control to execute national policy as directed by the President and Secretary of Defense through rapid deployment and employment to support worldwide contingency operations and homeland defense.


The 552nd Maintenance Group consists of the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the Maintenance Squadron, and the Maintenance Operations Flight.

The 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides sortie generation capability and extensive on-equipment maintenance support for worldwide deployment of the E-3 Sentry aircraft. The squadron of over 600 personnel is comprised of two aircraft maintenance units (Red and White) and a support flight directly supporting six flying squadrons.

The 552nd Maintenance Squadron consists of six flights that perform on- and off-equipment maintenance and repair on aircraft and aircraft components.
The unit is responsible for completing isochronal inspections and provides inspection, rig, corrosion control, fuel system and environmental and
electrical maintenance, as well as the manufacture or repair of major aircraft components. Additionally, The squadron is solely responsible for the maintenance of the E-3's sophisticated surveillance radar and computer systems. Finally, the squadron accomplishes maintenance on both powered and
non-powered aerospace ground equipment to support all aircraft maintenance.

The 552nd Maintenance Operations Flight, which contains one of only three Logistics Readiness Flights assigned under a Maintenance Group in the Air
Force, is responsible for administration, E-3 aircraft scheduling and analysis, engine management, wing logistics planning and mobility operations, wing civil engineering, environmental management, logistics deployments, supply, training programs, and the wing's vehicle fleet. The Logistics Readiness Flight is one of the most diverse in the Air Combat Command. Their flight is comprised of four elements to include an Aircraft Parts Store, Mobility Readiness Spares Packages (MRSP), Mobility Bags and a Maintenance Supply Liaison. Additionally, the Maintenance Operations Flight
incorporates the Quality Assurance Section which monitors the maintenance effort and determines ways to increase aircraft and equipment reliability
and maintainability.


The 552nd Logistics Group was activated May 29, 1992, as a result of the reorganization of the 552nd Air Control Wing and the retirement of the 28th
Air Division. The group was reorganized and renamed the 552nd Maintenance Group during an Air Force reorganization in July 2002.