Diamond Sharp Award Winners

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Each quarter, Tinker’s First Sergeants Council recognizes outstanding Airmen who set the standard among their peers and make a difference in their organizations across Team Tinker. The Airmen are handpicked by their respective squadron first sergeants for excellence and superb performance in daily operations.

Airman 1st Class Pamela Hernandez
72nd Force Support Squadron
Duty title: Force Management Technician

Airman 1st Class Pamela Hernandez has demonstrated astute management of personnel and resources, and her close attention to the climate conditions of her work spaces has markedly improved the operation of the Force Management Section as an awards and decoration technician.
Hernandez has proven that she is a tactful, yet strong leader by instilling in her teammates the same desire to excel as she displays. Hernandez is the lead for processing of awards and decorations spanning both the 72nd Air Base Wing and 552nd Air Control Wing. She is also responsible for the processing of G-series orders, which empowers commanders and commissioned officers of that caliber to handle the most critical issues within their assigned squadrons.
Hernandez currently presides as the Dorm Council President, point of contact for the Airmen Against Drunk Driving for FSS and is a proud supporter of the LGBT Council.

Airman 1st Class Colin M. Craig
Unit: 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Duty Title: Aircraft Hydraulic System Specialist

Airman 1st Class Colin Craig came into the 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron on a mission to become an asset to the hydraulic shop and be the best Airman he could be.
Craig volunteered and is the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Airman against Drunk Driving point of contact for 72nd Air Expeditionary Wing. He solicits for volunteers and coordinates those volunteers to pick up Airmen in need. Craig’s efforts have culminated in managing about 20 volunteers and countless careers and lives saved.
He is an avid trainer of the hydraulic shop. Craig echoes lessons learned and deliberately develops other Airmen within his capability, which has shown to directly impact the section’s capabilities by 15 percent.
Craig directly contributed to a 72.7 percent fix rate for the month of September by removing and replacing three components. Additionally, Craig assisted other Air Force Sustainment Centers. For Electrical and Environmental section, Craig helped to re-pin an engine pump cannon
plug thus preventing a potential fire hazard. And for the Engines section, he assisted with a 24-hr APU change that was completed in 16 hours.

Senior Airman Melvin Alvarez
Unit: 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron
Duty title: Aviation Resource Management Journeyman

Senior Airman Melvin Alvarez has demonstrated astute time and resources management, plus his unwavering desire to excel, motivates fellow Airmen to excel.
Alvarez was recently given 24 hours to manage training in support of a short notice higher-headquarters tasking for 34 aircrew members. In that time, he meticulously ran flight/training requirements, as well as, corrected five errors which allowed the aircrew and the 552d Air Control Wing to meet this suspense. For his efforts, he was lauded by the squadron commander and coined by the Operations Group Commander. He has excelled while leading a three-person squadron aviation resource management team, in the absence of the superintendent and non-commissioned officer in charge, which enabled the completion of five sorties and 45 flight hours in support of this task, all while overseeing and supporting daily tasks.
In addition to his career field responsibilities, he supports the base honor. The NCOIC of honor guard selected him as a detail chief, a position normally reserved for non-commissioned officers. While holding this leadership position, his team completed four details and six training sections.